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Update. :)

Been job hunting since I got here in Virginia in December. I’m finally making some progress. And hopefully ill be getting a job here soon!. Gotta stay persistant and positive. :) On another note, my husband got his new orders. He will be staying here in Norfolk and going to the USS WINSTON S CHURCHILL. He took his advancement test yesterday to try and become a petty officer 2nd class. I’m so proud of him and everything he had accomplished. He is very successful. I love my sailor husband. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me. And things are starting to look up being in Virginia. There are some times where it really sucks, but other times where I love being on my own with my husband and not having to deal with family drama. :) Loving life.


Rest In Peace Uncle Del I will miss you. I loved playing cards with you, and I hope that you get to do that when you’re up there with your Wife and Son. I’ll miss your hugs and your crackly laughter. Love you Uncle Del. Even if I wasn’t blood, I love you.♥

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